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Yang Jing Pipa Solo

Published in1998

CCD-98 /981
ISRC CN-A01-98-384-00/A.J6
All rights reserved (C) Yang Jing


This album includes Yang Jing's solo pieces, some of which still form the core of her solo recitals. Disclosure is one of Yang Jing's compositions which won highest honors in competitions.


Pipa Sounds on the River     by Minoru Miki
Dance along the old Silk Road     by Yang Jing
Pipa Ballad     by Minoru Miki
The King of Xi Chu Dynasty     Classical Chinese
Nine Jade Chains     by Yang Jing
Disclosure     by Yang Jing
Dagon Boat     Traditional Chinese
Spring Rain     by Zhu Yi, Wen Bo
Ambush from Ten Sides     Classical Chinese
Time Coloration 1     by Minoru Miki
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