Hidden face of the Moon

for Male Choir and Pipa in 5 movements


Music:     Jing YANG

    Jean-Pierre Voiret

      Li Bai (Tang Dynasty)

1. Oriens Extremus


Shiny scales of silvery water

Catch up with swift diamonds


Balance of Times

Peaceful Heavens


2. Middle Kingdom


Heaven and Earth rejoin

Splashing meridian treasures

On smouldering gold


A monk pours beauty

In the vase of night


3. Shanshui


Naked pagodas

Emerging so pure

from dark fumaroles


Open lips of flowers

Sipping the rain,



4. Exotics


Lacework of drops

Leaves caressing their branch

Long kisses of transparent spirits


Earth keeps vigil

Of her fecund Dead


5. Li Bai 望庐山瀑布

(poem from Li Bei, recited in Chinese original language)




Ri Zhao Xiang Lu Sheng Zi Yan


Yao Kan Pu Bu Gua Qian Chuan 


Fei Liu Zhi Xia San Qian Chi


Yi Shi Yin He Luo Jiu Tian

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