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Farewell Reception for a Firend of China

Thursday, 22 November 2018

YANG Jing Compositions for
«East and West String Concertos»
Yang Jing, Daniel Dodds & Festival Strings Luzern

YANG Jing: East and West Strings Concertos

22.11.2018 19:30Uhr at Parkhotel Vitznau

Yang Jing and the Lucene Festival Strings:
Violin: Daniel DODDS
Violin: Regula DODDS
Viola: Katrin BURGER
Cello: Alexander KIONKE
Pipa & Compositions: YANG Jing


A Shanxiner In Muotathal 一位老陕在莫尔山
Yang Jing

Silk Bamboo Strings 丝竹怡韵
Yang Jing

Identity 身份
Yang Jing

The Old Silkroad Pipa 龜茲厥舞
Yang Jing


At the North Silk Road拨动巴尔干的琵琶
Eskender Bekmambetov
Arr. Yang Jing

Jade In Strings 弦中钰

Yang Jing

Wonderful World
Yang Jing
I. Morning Song
II. Evening Poems

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