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Events between 1 February 2019 and 28 February 2019

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Abgereiste Landkarten

Sunday, 03 February 2019 at 17:00 - 18:20

Music for Pipa with Choir

Composer: Thüring Bräm: 
Conductor: Raphael IMMOOS
Pipa: YANG Jing

Basler Madrigalisten

Choir 3.Feb19


«Genuine Friendship – Memories Between Mountains And Water» «真诚筑友谊 – 湖水映山脈»

Friday, 22 February 2019 at 19:00

«Genuine Friendship – A Mountain mirrored in a Lake»
A concert at the St. Joseph's Church of Macau
Present by Macau Ricci Institute

«真诚筑友谊 – 湖水映山脈»
音乐会 - 2019年2月22日在澳门圣约瑟夫教堂
played by: Organ:Ernie Corpus; Text: Fr. Stephan Rothlin SJ.; Comp.& pipa: Yang Jing
參演人員:管風琴Ernie Corpus;词:神父罗世范博士;作曲及琵琶演奏:楊靜
Poster 201902022 Concert

«Identity» Music for East and West Strings 東西弦樂協奏

Monday, 25 February 2019 -

YANG Jing and the RTHK Chamber Soloists

HK Radio 4
30 Broadcast Dr, Beacon Hill

Music from Pipa and String Trio
Compositions from Donald Reid Womack, Daniel Schnyder and YANG Jing

Donald Reid Womack:
- Fire火, Water水 and Metal金 from «Elements» 选自«五行»

Daniel Schnyder:
- Traveling East 东方之旅
(Pipa Version 琵琶四重奏版本)

楊靜 YANG Jing:
- Identity 身份
- A Shanxiner In Muotathal 一位老陕在莫尔山
- Silk Bamboo Strings 絲竹闲韵
- Jade In Strings 弦中钰

- Laute Lauschen 聽琴
- The Old Silk Road Pipa 龜茲琵琶舞
- String Trio 0-1-2-3 III(The Third movement)
  弦乐三重奏: 零 - 壹 - 貳 - 叄(第三乐章)



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